Pre-Employment Physical and Pregnant

  1. I am going to start by saying this is not my first post here on I created this account specifically to ask this question to remain as anonymous as possible. I am a new grad ADN, and take boards in a couple of weeks.

    I am 15 weeks pregnant, didn't disclose it in my interviews and have a pre-employment physical and fit-test next month (I'll be almost 18 weeks). While it may seem as though I have been dishonest about my pregnancy thus far, I do not plan to be dishonest from here on out including during my physical and fit test.

    What does an routine employee physical entail? Should I obtain a note from my doctor saying I am fit and well for work? Fit and well to complete the physical and fit test?

    On what grounds would I "fail" my pre-employment physical assuming I am in perfect health in addition to being pregnant?

    Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   JerseyLilly
    Pregnancy is not a crime! Just be honest with your new employer so they will know that you will be out on FMLA when the time comes. The pre-employment exam will probably consist of a urine drug screen, and you mentioned a respirator fit test, so you can wear a mask to get into certain areas in your plant or hospital. In the laws eyes, pregnancy is considered a disability and is treated as such. If you are discriminated against because of pregnancy, then your new employer would have violated your civil rights based on sexism. I think you do need to disclose that you are expecting.