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Hello, I am starting a new job in occ med clinic soon and would like some addys to visit to get a grip on occ med. Is there any? I really think that I will like this specialty. Any advice will be appreciated. Thanks, Sasha... Read More

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    Hi, Patricia:
    Thanks for the info about the books...I am finally beginning to feel comfortable with my job. I learn many new things each day. Now, I want to know all about worker's comp for Texas. Does anyone have any feedback about where to look for the rules and regs? It seems very complicated. I will look into these books and see if I can find them. Sharon, The offsite trip went just fine, one of us did hearing conservation, and one did vital signs and education. Had fun in the evenings and made some new friends during the day. It is nice having healthy patients who are very interested in their well-being...since they are exposed to many hazards in their work. We have another scheduled for Spring, may just volunteer to go. Gotta hit the sack now...lids are drooping. "I'll be baaack!"

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