1. Hello,
    I am an LPN and OHN in a small plant for 1 year, just recently my Health & Safety Manager quit. The company would like me to get some certifications to take over some of his responsibilities but I am unable to find any type of certifications for an LPN. I was on the web site of AAOHN but you must be an RN. Any suggestions?
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  3. by   linsey
    I dont know about any certifications, but if your institution wants you to obtain these than they need to find them for you not the other way around they are there to help, but i have a question for you. I am a recently graduated LPN and cannot find jobs at all in Co is there any advice you can give me because i am getting desperate.
  4. by   ddz
    Hi Linsey,
    I was just lucky to recieve this OHN position, they were looking for someone with experience in this feild and I was just temping through a nursing agency, but I developed a good rapport with the manager and employees that they decided to keep me on and paid for my certifications that I have recieved through the company so far. My advice to you if your interested in OHN, get as much certifications as you can like first aid training, OSHA likes to see that, go on the internet and do some research about OSHA regulations, if possible go for your certification to do hearing tests which the course is offered through CAOH , phlebotomy training, you would be working with worker's compensation research that topic. The more you can put on your resume in relation to OHN the better. Then go to newspaper, internet like www.careerbuilders.com, or call some of the bigger companies in your area to look for openings. I hope this helps a little. I do love the feild . Good luck.

  5. by   CyndieRN2007
    I just got hired as a OHN in a beef packing plant here in Texas. New grad, with GVN. Any tips and suggestions are greatly appreciated.