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    I would like to network with other RN's who are certified in performing NIDA and Non-Nida drug screens. We are a hospital-based occupational health and recently had a question on what defines "abnormal color". A recent urine specimen was totally clear (absence of color). I understand the definition of a dilute specimen. It was also not blue, frothy or foamy or smelled like bleach, etc. which is considered abnormal. So if it is totally clear and within the temperature guidelines, you are accepeting this specimen? Someone asked why we dont accept "clear" as an abnormal color, or lack of what normal urine looks like. guidelines are specific on dilute specimens.

    Thank you.
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    I am DOT urine drug screen certified and have learned that even a colorless dilute urine specimen could be accepted. There are people that do have illnesses that would cause a dilute urine, such as diabetes insipidus or other hormonal disturbances. The testing labs today are so "on the up and up" that there are ways to check for adulteration because there are so many legal ramifications regarding drug testing. Also, as you know, these labs are certified and they adhere to strict guidelines while maintaining as far as possible, the integrity of the client.

    Hope this helps!

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