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Anyone at Conference??

  1. 0 Is anyone at the AOHC in Chicago right now?

    Just curious???

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    Didn't get to go to AOHC this year. Too many of us now have little or no financial support from our employers for continuing education. However, those who went told me it was "same old, same old". I've been in Occ Hlth 12 yrs, in a few different settings. Our local association seems to have more timely ceu offerings. What did you think of AOHC this year? What sort of occ hlth practice(s) have you had experience with?
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    I went to AOHC this year, and actually liked it a lot better than San Francisco. Maybe I just made better choices on the concurrent sessions, but I saw some really dynamic speakers with great topics. General session speakers were EXCELLENT! The food in Chicago was good too!!!
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    Hi Kay and Gloria,

    I guess you are lucky if you have good resources locally for ceu credits... I have a few opportunities here, but as much as I travel, I prefer to make the one big trip instead of several 2 day visits... I really think you get alot of bang for the buck at conference.... But, you are right, it was pretty much the same conference it has been for the last several years...

    I really liked San Francisco and Chicago both...

    Take care,