Where Do I Print My AWHONN FM Certificate

  1. I'm working on a portfolio, and I can't find where to print my AWHONN certificates. I've printed them before, but can't find the link now. Thanks!
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  3. by   LaborDiva
    I was just looking last night for the same link! I can't seem to find it either to I emailed AWHONN. They are usually pretty good about getting back to you in a day or two. Good luck!
  4. by   Bama RN
    Lol...I'm glad it isn't just me!! I found it!!!

    AWHONN CE Certificate System
  5. by   LaborDiva
    This is totally what I was looking for! Thanks Lady!
  6. by   Bama RN
    You're welcome! I was too ditzy to think to email them. I ran here and combed the website for a couple of days! Now we can at least come back here if we need it again..lol