What should a new grad know?

  1. 0 I'm a new grad starting an internship in the women's health unit (l&d, pp, nursery, and possibly peds) next week. My rotation in OB was so short and it was mostly observation, my clinical through school was about 90% med surg. OB is where I want to be and I'm so grateful for this opportunity! I'm just curious as to what a new grad is "expected" to know? I appreciate any advice
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    Is imagine the basics. Meds, how to do cervical checks, leopolds maneuver, apgar scores, labor stages....just know what they are or have an idea
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    Hit send too soon! LOL! Good luck! I'm waiting for an interview right now. As usual I'm two hours early (an hour now) so I'm sitting in my car reading all nurses lmao

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