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terms in OB

  1. 0 Hi Everyone
    Currently I am a student in an ADN program, and we are doing our maternal/OB rotation right now. Our instructor gave us quite a few crossword puzzles to familiarize ourselves with some OB terms. I have them all done but I am missing 3 answers. I have looked and looked in my book and cannot find them. I was hoping someone here could help me out, it would be greatly appreciated!

    1.) What a nurse may need to do every 2 hours for a client with an epidural.

    2.) Gentle, steady pressure against the fundus of the uterus to facilitate vaginal birth. (at first I thought Leopolds maneuvers, but that is just to check position, right?)

    3.) Daily fetal movement count. (could this be kick counts?)

    Thanks so much for your help! By the way, I LOVE OB!
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    I am fairly new to L&D, but the answer to #1 is straight cath/empty bladder. Sorry, I do not know the other two-maybe some of the veteran nurses will help out
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    2. fundal pressure

    It seems too easy, but that's what I've always heard it called.
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    1 - catheterize or maybe Dermatome Level or Bromage Score

    2- fundal pressure (which I was always taught that we should never do)

    3 - yes, kick counts is correct

    Good luck in your program!
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    Thanks everyone for helping me out! I knew I could count on you!