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Stethoscope for Mother Baby job?

  1. 0 I am so excited...I graduated in May and have been working on a Medical SubAcute unit...but my passion has always been maternity (former doula), and I just landed a DAY job in Mother Baby! I am also in a Peds Nurse Practitioner Program. So I am wondering if you nurses who work with babies have a pediatric stethoscope you would recommend. I am sure I will need one eventually for school.
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    Most of the nurses on our floor use the Littmann Classic II pediatric steth. It's a great quality stethoscope for the little ones.

    However, I have a Littmann Master Classic II. I work PICU, where we get everything from tiny babies to adult sized teens. I've never had a problem isolating sounds on the little ones with my adult stethoscope. So if you have the money and want a peds one, that's fine, but don't feel like it's a necessity. Remember that half your patients will be adults.
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    Congrats on the job! I love my Littman Classic II Infant stethoscope for my wee ones, but I covet the Cardiology III. It's nice when you're assessing moms and babies because all you need to do is flip it over to use it for peds or adults.