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    I was just curious to find out what the monthly or annual salary of an OB/GYN nurse is. I'm currently a pre-nursing student and looking to get as much info as possible on every aspect of OB/GYN nursing.

    Any input would be greatly appreciated.
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    I'm in NJ. I have 2 years of nursing experience in the OR in PA where my starting salary for a new grad was $27.50. I got a raise and left my position at $28 something. I just started in L&D and I started at $32 an hour in NJ but that's because I already had some nursing experience. NJ pays better than PA all around though.
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    This is dependent upon where you live as well as experience. I'm in southwestern PA and in the hospital system in which I just got hired all grad nurses start at $22/hr no matter what specialty you're in.
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    I graduated in May 2012 and work in L/D, pp, and nursery and I make $31.16/hr. I think that's base pay for all new grads at my hospital. I get an extra $1/hr for having my bachelors, wknd differential is $2/hr and night differential is $4.50/hr
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    It really depends on where you are. I was a Tele nurse in San Diego, Ca making $38/hr base pay after 3.5 years of experience, with a $4/hr night shift differential , but am now moving to Texas and got hired in L&D with a base rate of $29.50/hr, night shift differential of $3.75/hr, and a weekend differential of $6/hr. The salary difference seems huge, but Texas has no state income tax, so my take home pay will be nearly the same. There are other things to consider than just the hourly rate of pay!
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    Las Vegas new grad salary for L&D is $32.52/hour + $2.10 night differential.
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    Midwest here...a new grad gets paid approx 21/hr. Our shift diff is only 1.25. We get paid the same as normal nurses at my hospital but ate required to be certified and hold current on NRP, BCLS, STABLES, ACLS,ALSO and CEfM and a few of us like me keep our PALS utd too because we respond to peds codes too. Pretty sucky if you ask me but hey I love my co workers so I suck it up lol
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    I am also in the Midwest (iowa) and agree that new nurses start out at $21/hour. I have 8 years experience and don't make much more than that. Good luck!
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    I work in northern Michigan. Our OB unit has six LDRP rooms, one triage room, two observation rooms, two rooms for gyn-surgicals (although we no longer handle gyn-surgical patients on our unit), one isolation room, and our own OR. Nearest NICU is 90 miles away. Starting pay for new grads is $22.60/hr, $1/hr shift differential, $2/hr weekend differential. We are required to maintain BLS, ACLS, NRP, cEFM, NCC, and AWHONN.
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    I'm from the chicagoland suburbs and work on an L&D unit here. New grads on our unit start at $27.50 and hour with a weekend diff of 5.00 an hour and a night diff of $6.50 an hour
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    64.68/hr plus 20% 3rd shift, 10% weekend. I am in CA
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    I forgot to add I have 1 yr of L and D, 2 of medsurg
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    I'm in northern indiana. New grads start in our L&D at $25/hr.