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My hospital is looking into changing from the traditional betadine prep for vag delivery to soap and water (or even no prep at all). I cannot find any research on this, anyone have any data that can help me put together our... Read More

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    No prep where I work, and no prep where I delivered.

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    My old unit never prepped for vag deliveries so imagine my surprise when I'm on my first day of orientation at my new unit and my preceptor hands me some betadine and sterile water. I looked at her completely lost andbtoldvher I had no idea what she wanted me to do with it lol. From that point on she thought I was clueless. Never even heard of prepping a vag until then. And don't even get me started on prepping the delivery table lol
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    We are trying to stop the practice of betadine vag prep's but I am unable to find any "evidence based" info to included in my recomendation to our doctors.... any one have artials or anything to back up no prep or just soap and water prep???
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    I don't do them. If the doc/CNM insists on a wash, I use very diluted hibiclens hand soap with tons of water. A quick splash, that's it. No need to do a prep before a vaginal birth. I think I read a study (a while ago) to support NOT doing betadine prep because of the potential for excessive fetal iodine uptake increasing the level in the baby's thyroid.

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