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I thought I would hate OB, or at least be disinterested, and I loved it! I would say though, that a good third of the girls in my nursing program have said they wanted to be L&D or NICU nurses since before even starting school,... Read More

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    Yep. Like you, I thought I would hate my OB rotation or at least "get through it". But I had a wonderfully terrible clinical experience. I worked at a very busy hospital with a clinical instructor who worked very hard to give us all a lot of exposure to the unit. I saw teenage mothers receiving no postpartum education and first time moms being yelled at by OBs for "not doing things correctly". My heart just broke for these women and I felt like I could really make a difference in this field. I love educating and I feel like I am a valuable advocate and support person for these woman.

    So yes, I "fell" into L&D but so happy I did because I honestly don't know what else I would do!

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    I was always interested in OB throughout nursing school, and that is where I've spent most of my years as a nurse, then Certified Nurse Midwife, and now OB Manager. However, I've also done a little Med-Surg, Nursing Home, ED, school nurse, and Rehab and I've enjoyed different aspects of every position. Nursing is a great profession that way... Don't be afraid to try LOTS of different things. The worst thing that can happen is you may discover a certain type of nursing is not for you. In that case, move on!
    That said- OB is my true love! Good luck to you!
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    When I was in nursing school, my OB rotation didn't phase me. It wasn't my favorite and I didn't have a yearning to be an OB nurse. At the time, nursing jobs were scarce and I just knew I had to take any job offered to me. A few months after passing my boards, I was called for an interview on a level 3 L&D. I got the job and after 17 years, I wouldn't consider any other area of nursing. I love what I do!
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    I don't like children and never wanted any of my own. I expected to hate OB and Peds. I did hate Peds, but when I saw my first delivery, I knew that was what I'd do for the rest of my life. I was lucky to get L&D right out of school, and forty some years later, I'm still catching babies.
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