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  1. I am studying to take the NRP final exam and am taking the end of lesson tests. I am have a terrible time with one of the lessons and continue to score a 75%. I have spent 3 hours double checking my answers before I submit them, but continue to get them wrong. Here they are with stars next to my answer...PLEASE HELP and show me the light.

    A baby is born in the hospital lobby and is apneic. I try tactile stimulation and bulb suction, but there is no change. I have the self-inflating bag with me. What should I do next?

    *Monitor the heart rate; if HR slows start positive-pressure ventilations on room air.

    Get someone to supply a 100% O2 tank and oximeter.

    Start positive pressure ventilation with room air and transfer.

    Transfer the baby to a care area and give positive pressure vent with blended O2 and monitor oximeter.
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  3. by   melmarie23
    You already know that the infant is apneic, therefore PPV is now indicated. What I'd do (ideally) is initiate PPV with room air and transfer. The new NRP guidelines stress proper ventilation and allow you to take corrective actions for that before you travel further down the algorithm/start chest compressions etc. If there is proper ventilation, then we can assume the rest should follow (increase in HR, perfusion etc).
  4. by   babyktchr
    Its start PPV and transfer. If baby isn't breathing, why would you wait for HR to fall to intervene? If tactile stimulation does not get things going, then you have secondary apnea...treatment being PPV.
  5. by   losbozos
    PPV then transfer. All the other stuff is just wasting time-time you don't have. I've seen people waste time w/ drying, stimulating when all that should be w/in