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NRP course?

  1. 0 Any pointers? I just registered. I have to pick up the book tomorrow. I have bookmarked the stickies at the bottom of this page to review along with the book itself (I saw some fetal monitoring review pages)...any pointers? Tips? How did you study?
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    All I did was read the NRP book and I took a few notes on it. Then I signed up for the test online.. which was $30. I took the test at home with my book open.

    After you take the test online and pass all the sections, you have to print the certificate of completion and show it to an NRP instructor in order to complete the hands on portion. I was set up with an NRP course at the hospital where I work.
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    Read the book and do the practice problems at the end of the chapters. If you can answer the chapter questions you will do fine on the test. Make sure you know the flow charts for rescesitation.
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    Thanks guys. I've been reading the book and doing the questions at the end. I'm going to start the online test this week while the kids are in school! Thank you! I've done ACLS (on the computer, then the simulation hands on) is NRP the same difficulty or harder do you think?
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    I took ACLS while in school and was given advice to not do my NRP until I landed a job since they would pay for it and it would be applicable for the hands on and understanding of the entire course because I'd be already working in L&D and you use part of NRP while assessing your babies anyway. So that is what I ended up doing, plus it worked out well because my job paid for it. Both ACLS and NRP have a different degree of difficulty and it's kind of hard to say which one is harder, I might lean more towards the ACLS course I took. Good luck on your test, I'm sure you'll do fine!
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