New Grad soon to be an L&D RN

  1. [FONT=book antiqua]After graduating with my BSN in May, Passing my NCLEX-RN in June, and obtaining my RN License, I finally have a job in L&D to look forward to.

    [FONT=book antiqua]I have worked in L&D as a Nurse Extern and Patient Care Tech for a year now at a teaching hospital with Magnet Status in NJ. Since my Externship ended last summer, I have been working as a patient care tech on weekends and as needed on weekdays. After patiently waiting since graduation, I was finally told that a full-time night position will be opening up on L&D in the immediate future. I sat down with my nurse manager yesterday afternoon, and she confirmed that a night nurse has put in for a transfer to another department which will be going through within the next few weeks. She stated that I am first in line for an open position and will definitely be hired into the full-time position when the nurse's transfer request goes through.

    [FONT=book antiqua]In the meantime, the manager asked that I try to get as much learning experience as possible these next two weeks, since I will be working full-time while one of our patient care tech's is on vacation. I am looking at this as sort of a chance for me to a get a head start before my official orientation starts in about a month.

    I was wondering if any of you experienced L&D nurses can give me some advice on what other things I can do to prepare myself for my first job as an RN in L&D. I have already spoken to the nurse educator, who suggested that I gt a head start on obtaining NRP certification.

    Are there any good study materials that I should get and study before orientation? Are there any good resources for OB meds?

    Anything that I can get my hands on to educate myself would be great. I want to be the best L&D nurse that I can be. I am really excited about this opportunity.
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  3. by   Nurse2b7337
    Congrats to you!!!! I would love to be in L&D!! Keep us posted!!
  4. by   Dalla
    Although I don't have the privilege of being a L&D nurse (yet!) I do highly recommend your NRP certification and also the book Labor and Delivery Nursing: A guide to evidence-based practice by Murry and Huelsmann.
    Your OB meds are pretty easy to learn. The common ones are Cervidil and Cytotec to start labor. Epidurals are handled by the CRNAs. Pitocin is usually given. Post birth pain meds are often Tylenol with codeine and ibuprofen. Also Norco. It may or may not help to know that Cytotec has been linked to uterine rupture, amniotic fluid embolisms, and hemmorhaging needing a hysterectomy. I don't think that patients are informed of that!