New grad RN in L&D, seeking "cheat sheet" in New grad RN in L&D, seeking "cheat sheet" in | allnurses

New grad RN in L&D, seeking "cheat sheet" in

  1. 0 Does anyone have a cheat sheet or quick reference type of information for new grads in a L&D unit? Such as VEAL=CHOP or quick reference for reading strips or drugs or ANYTHING that would help? A little background information for my unit. Big L&D high risk unit, I'm a new grad, ekkk! I can't wait to start but wanted to get a head start like all new grads!Thank you for any input!!
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    Well COngrats! I am in the same shoes!!! I am looking to do the same, had seen something on some website. ( Don't remember) If anything, you make copies and minimize it and you got yourself a mini cheat book.
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    Thank you! I have been looking online for tid bits here and there, but your prob right about putting it together myself..... I just wanted small hints or memory things for common situations seen in L&D or on common used meds! If you come up with some stuff let me know and Ill do the same! Hopefully more ppl will put helpful hints on this blog too. Thanks you!
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    There are a lot of free apps for your phone. Also, there is a small spiral bound flip pocket guide you can get. The rest comes from taking noted a work and putting them on 3X5 cards
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    Congrats!! I am in the same situation, so I know what you're feeling!! I also would use books from school. Sometimes they have little charts that you could quick copy and put on an index card. I know at my hospital we can't have our cell phones so a card would be easy access to your information.
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    Survival cards : google L&D survival cards ! They're like 12$ but they have crammed everything on those lil cards.