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  1. I work in small community OB unit. My manager and peers have decided that it's a "good idea" to allow a nurse with 1-1/2 years experience (came to unit as new grad) precept the new nurses (with no OB experience). We do less than 150 deliveries a year. Meanwhile, our seasoned nurses sit on another unit and are not even in earshot of the laboring patient, monitor or nurses caring for them. The newer nurse is not comfortable with this and has voiced her opinion numerous times and has been told to "get some confidence". I have been a nurse for over 20 years in both Level 2 and Level 3 units and have gone to all levels of management about this. I do NOT allow it when I am working, however, as a call in those times are few and far between. I am appalled, shocked and most of all, frightened for the patients and this new nurse, who is clearly frightened of what could happened. Although I would appreciate all opinions and hospital policies/procedures, I am mainly looking for some hard documentation from one of our regulating bodies or organizations. I have tried to research but membership is needed to pull up the guidelines and mission statements. Does anyone have any links??? I really need something to plunk down in front of management before something bad happens.
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  3. by   MDrummond
    Would like to add....this is a very small unit so the newer nurses experiences have been very limited. She willingly admits that she has done no emergency c/sections, has seen one precip and has had no true high risk patients. Again, with less than 150 deliveries a year, it would be comparable to maybe 3 months experience in a busy L&D. Thanks in advance for any info.
  4. by   babyktchr
    WOW. Why are the seasoned nurses in another unit? I don't know that there is HARD evidence out there to be honest. I know as a manager there are levels of competency that must be achieved on my unit and a nurse of a year and a half would NOT be orienting a new nurse to OB. Talk to your risk department??