Need advice on getting into an OB unit

  1. I am currently a nursing student (close to being done), and I have a strong desire to work in the OB area. I love this area of nursing, and would love to spend my nursing career working in it. Many people tell me negative things about getting into an OB unit though. People tell me it is extremely hard to get into these units because once people are in it they don't leave. How could I get into an OB unit as a new nurse? How can I get the experience I need to get into a OB unit? I have done clinical's in this area, and followed OB/GYN doctors as well. I know this is the area I want to be in. I am just not sure how I can get the experience in this area for a manager to give me a chance at a position...
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  3. by   kayemmejayRN
    I am a new grad nurse starting tomorrow on a postpartum unit. I elected to do my senior year role practicum in postpartum. Many of my nursing school instructors frowned on my decision. They said I needed at least one year of med/surg because I would not know how to care for a postpartum mom who is crashing or a crashing neonate. I landed my dream job by contacting a postpartum nurse manager and I told her where I did my practicum and asked if I could shadow her unit. She agreed and she interviewed me. The nurses on the unit say PP is a hard unit for a new grad to get a position. Most of the nurses o. My unit have been there for 20+ years! I hope this helps and I wish you the best of luck.