Mother/baby nurses what do you like your volunteer's to do on the unit?

  1. I am a new graduate registered nurse. My ultimate dream is to become a CNM. In the meantime I would love some L&D experience but it's so hard to find!

    ]I recently started volunteering in women's services at a local hospital. I spend most of my time on the mother/baby unit. Obviously I am not allowed to perform any nursing actions

    I was wondering though for those of you who work L&D or mother/baby, what types of things would you like to see a volunteer do? What would be most helpful? I make rounds on patients to see if they need anything, fill water jugs, direct phone calls and call lights to the nurses, take patients out when they are discharged and let people into the locked unit (once we know who they are there for).

    Any advice? I would like to be as helpful as possible! I like to stay busy! I am already learning so much just from hearing the nurse's talk!
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