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I remember seeing something posted along these lines a while back, but it never really "got going" so I thought I would open it up for one more try....I am about to finish my LPN Program, and then will be in pursuit of my BSN... Read More

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    Quote from waterbirthingRN
    While it is not my intention to discourage anyone from their dreams and goals, I would not want a male to be my L&D nurse. Much like I would not want a male Dr. to attend the birth of my child. It's a personal preference. I don't understand why a man would want to do that. That is not meant to be rude, I'm actually very curious? Looking at lady parts all day seems like it would be very uncomfortable and intimidating if I was the opposite sex and couldn't relate in any way.
    I'm not uncomfortable looking at a man's penis. Many female nurses aren't bothered by it at all, as I'm sure you know, so I don't know why men would be expected to feel any differently.

    Would I be shocked to have a male L&D nurse? You betcha. Would I have a REAL treason to be uncomfortable other than stereotypes and the uncommonness of it? No. So I'd just keep an open mins, and hopefully he'd blow my mind with his awesomeness and I'd forever talk to friends and family about the great male nurse I had. C
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    I am uncomfortable looking at a man's penis. That's one reason I like OB so much. I worked med/surg before OB, and I know it might sound crazy, but I was never comfortable taking care of males.
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    I say go for it. As someone else has already pointed out, just because you're female doesn't mean you have the monopoly on compassionate care; I know plenty of female L&D nurses that I have wanted to punch in the face for making ridiculously rude, insensitive, or uncompassionate comments. Some people are just not cut out for OB, regardless of their gender.

    When you truly love your area of work it shows, and I think that will help you through some difficult situations you are probably going to face.

    Just FYI--Ontario now has its first male midwife he's getting rave reviews!
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    If you think you love it, then absolutely go for it. Patients feel the difference when their nurse is doing what he/she loves; And every woman deserves that kind of care when she is birthing.

    Source: I'm a Male L&D RN
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