Mat/child right after graduation?

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    Hello everyone,

    I'm currently a nursing student in an RN program in Ontario, Canada. Things may be different in the U.S but I was wondering if mat/child floors generally hire brand new grads. I know that many new grads tend to migrate toward med/surg because this is a good starting point, but to be honest, I do not like my med/surg placement right now. I love my mat/child placement. I can't even see myself going back to med/surg after graduation. But would I be able to do l&d for example as a new nurse? I don't know of any special qualifications required but is there any other clinical experience required in general? Thanks in advance for your input
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    I was hired to Maternal Child Health as a new grad. When I was hired, I specifically asked if they thought I needed to have some time on med/surg first. They said they needed me directly in L and D. I had no extra classes or training, and it all worked out for the best, since I too wanted to avoid med/surg.
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    Thanks so much! I'm glad there's someone else out there that feels the same about Med/surg haha. Hopefully it works out the same for me thanks again!
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    I started in Toronto as a new grad and got a 4 minty perinatal program! It can be done