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I am a New Grad and have my first Interview this week for a "New Grad Labor and Delivery" position. I am really excited about it but I am not sure how to prepare for it. Can anyone offer any suggestions and also if anyone has... Read More

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    Congratulation nurseRN28,
    Thanks for coming back to let us know the outcome of your interview, that gives me more hope, that i can still get my dream job as a new grad.
    In one of your post, you said you "have been studying case scenarios and learning more about the hospital" What kind of scenarios? did you use a book? and to learn about the hospital, do you just goggle the hospital and read every page on their website?
    As per certifications, i want to do NRP and Basic Fetal monitor, did you do yours online?
    Do you think your resume and cover letter stood out and that was what made them call you for the 1st interview? I have no medical background, so my resume is just clinical experience, i don't know if i did the right thing by itemizing my clinical experience for every semester. I am sure you are busy now, but if you don't mind i would appreciate if you would take a few minutes to look at my resume, please pm me so i can send it to you for critique.

    Sorry for all the numerous questions, would appreciate if you can answer them.
    Thanks and congratulations go start delivering some babies

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    Hey congrats... do you mind telling us what hospital? and how you got the interview? any special tricks ... words of wisdom
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    Congratulations! I also just was offered a job in L&D as a New Grad (I did have help getting an interview from an MD I worked for though). The senario question I got was in regards to a post C/S who had a low BP, tachypnea & tachycardia. They wanted to know the complication & how I would resolve it.
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    congratulations nicole2010.
    As per your scenario, i'm thinking hemorrhage, what else can you do for the patient except to call the Dr? I have no idea that's why i'm asking......congrats again, i hope i get to work in L&D someday soon
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    There would be an internal hemorrhage. I would put O2 on my pt, increase the IV fluid rate, elevate the legs, call MD during this & get an order for a vasopressor in case. I also did work in an Ob/Gyn office for 10 yrs so that may have helped. Good luck :-)

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