Labor and Delivery Interview New Grad - page 2

I am a New Grad and have my first Interview this week for a "New Grad Labor and Delivery" position. I am really excited about it but I am not sure how to prepare for it. Can anyone offer any... Read More

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    congratulations nicole2010.
    As per your scenario, i'm thinking hemorrhage, what else can you do for the patient except to call the Dr? I have no idea that's why i'm asking......congrats again, i hope i get to work in L&D someday soon
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    There would be an internal hemorrhage. I would put O2 on my pt, increase the IV fluid rate, elevate the legs, call MD during this & get an order for a vasopressor in case. I also did work in an Ob/Gyn office for 10 yrs so that may have helped. Good luck :-)

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