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  1. 0 I just received the call today offering me a position in labor and delivery after 3 years of looking for open positions not requiring previous experience. My question is what supplies (if any) would you suggest that I get before starting. I have been a cardiac nurse for 3.5 years and am just wondering if there is anything different I should get. Also, what do you think is the best neonatal stethoscope?
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    I changed from Cardiac to L&D last year and I really did not need to get anything special. All of the rooms are supplied with good stethoscopes for mom and baby. The one thing I did buy were new shoes. Our L&D has its' own OR for C-sections so we wear hospital scrubs and the shoes we wear cannot be worn outside (unless you put shoe covers on). It was just easier to have a pair that I could leave there and change in to when I work (I would recommend waterproof- labor is messy job!) So, I would just check with the unit before you buy a neonatal stethoscope, chances are you won't need one of your own
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    Thanks! I just bought Danskos in the black patent so I will be able to wipe the nastiness off! I guess I will just wait to see how the floor is before buying anything else. It's a county hospital so I am not expecting it to have a lot, but who knows. Interviewed over Skype, so I didn't get a tour of the unit and have no clue what to expect.

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