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  1. Hi everyone! I'm going back to school and taking my pre req's for nursing. I currently am an inpatient pharm tech at a hospital, have been for 5 years. Taking the CNA cert class in March, and our hospital is opening up a brand new MBU wing. Working on getting a job up there at the moment..in contact with the nurse manager, having PharmD's put in good words for me, etc etc.

    My only experience on MBU is when I've delivered my 2 girls. From what I remember, there were of course CNA's who helped in postpartum, but there were also CNA's who were there for the birth. One admitted me, another helped move me, and a third came and set up the labor table and handed instruments to my midwife.

    What do the CNA's/techs do at your hospital? Bp, temp taking, changing bed linens..and what else? I would love love LOVE to be crosstrained for the OR as well. I'm just trying to get a picture of what a shift might look like up there.

    TY in advance! So excited!
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  3. by   lakec4me
    good luck with your journey! i was also a pharm tech during nursing school, and the experience was invaluable, both for nursing school and after, as a nurse.
    at my facility, we have nursing assistants in mother/infant. they do mom & baby vitals, baby baths, mom peri care, change linens, stock cribs, help moms to BR, pass trays, and a whole lot of other things!
    we do not have nursing assistants on L&D. we have OB techs who assist with surgery and deliveries.
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    Thanks for the reply! I was confused on the CNA/Tech lingo for a while until I found out that all of the nursing techs in our hospital are CNA's. I've also done some stalking in the hospital department phone book, and there are about 7 Nursing/OR Techs up there. The rest are mostly Nurse Tech/Unit Secretary. I'm assuming the difference is the cross training to work in the OR .I sooooo want to be there for the deliveries, but I'll work wherever I can.

    Yeah I'm a little sad about not being a pharm tech anymore. I'm ready to move on, but the experience has been great and I've learned a *ton*. I know so much about drugs ( po, iv, im, sc, whatever)..I've made just about every type of IV drug in existence. Won't miss making chemo though!! Hate that junk.