1. Not sure if this question would be better suited for the peds section.
    So I know what causes jaundice and the types of jaundice, as well as treatment options for jaundice.

    My question is what "causes" the lethergy associated with jaundice? Just not sure what causes the baby to be so limp, tired, and unresponsive compared to prior days w/out the elevation of bilirubin.

    thx for any insight.....btw, I did look online on google and couldnt really find an answer....so I am hoping someone on here will have some information on the cause or rational for it.

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  3. by   eddy33_27
    Google the term

    Hopefully that would answer your question

    Good question btw, I like to see other nurses asking "why a symptom occurs?" not just accepting the symptoms.
  4. by   short1978
    Thx. I pulled it up and saw alot of the same stuff I had already found. I just wish that you could find out "why" symptoms occur....as far as the patho goes. I understand that xxxxxxx are the symptoms of jaundice but what causes those particular symptoms to occur in the body????

    Maybe the fact that the body cant break it down and thus you end up with the yellow pigmentation, maybe the constant attempt to break it down is taxing on the body and leads to lethergy but I dont know.

    I would just like to find out the "why" behind it.

    thx and let me know if anyone finds out anything or knows why it occurs.

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    Kernicterus is brain injury r/t elevated bilirubin. CNS controls respiration, level of consciousness. Mess with that, and you get - voila - lethargy!

    Also, keep in mind that preterm kids are far more susceptible to jaundice than newborns, and our threshold for beginning treatment is lower w/ them. Preterm kids (34-3 7 weeks) tend to be sleepier and more lethargic than term kids anyway. Their brains are not yet fully developed. So combine a preterm kid with the above, it's not always pretty.