How do I switch from my postpartum (mother-baby) unit to L&D?

  1. i've been working on a postpartum unit since i graduated last summer. i really enjoy the patient population but would like transition into l&d at my hospital. any suggestions about how i can go about making this happen (logistics, who to speak with, etc)? since the units work closely together, i worry that if i contact the l&d manager, my unit managers may be upset that i didn't speak to them first.
    thanks for your suggestions and input!
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  3. by   Double-Helix
    In my hospital, employees can only transfer to another unit if there is a job opening. You have to wait until the job is posted and then apply for it as an internal applicant. If the other unit is interested in hiring you, then they will contact you for an interview. If you are offered and accept the position, then you give notice to your manager, just like you would if you were leaving for another position.

    But if you want to be a little proactive, here's some things you could try: 1. Do you know any nurses on L&D? You could ask if they are aware of any positions that will be opening up in the future. 2. Ask for a meeting with the nurse manager of L&D. Ask for her confidence, but express your interest in transferring to her unit in the near future. Ask her the best way to go about this (waiting for a position, submitting a resume, talking to HR, etc.) and if there is anything you can do in the meantime (NRP, fetal monitoring course, other education) that would make you a better applicant and help with your transition.

    Good luck!
  4. by   Linds91
    I work in a hospital that combined the two different units into one large birthcare center with one manager. I was hired to postpartum as a new grad then 1 year later they trained me to L&D. I now am considered to be a cross trained RN who could work either PP or LD on any given day. The longer we work here the more rolls we are trained to; anesthesia RN, scrub, assist, charge, home visits, tours, etc.