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Hi everyone! So last week I received a phone call that I was offered the position of full time nights in Mother/Baby :D :redbeathe I could not be happier because I just graduated in May, and since working in OB was always... Read More

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    Thank you all so much! I still have my ATI book from the OB section so I'll definitely flip through that and brush up on the other specific things that are listed here. It's hard to think about it all because it will be my first nursing job of any kind, let alone OB. I graduated in May and passed NCLEX in June so I feel like that was light years away and hope I don't appear as though I don't know anything :/

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    Wow- congrats- straight in to OB. I have been debating whether to start as a floor nurse and then try OB or just head straight to OB? What do you all think?
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    I graduated in May, too, and started working Mom/Baby nights in September. First, congrats!! Secondly, I found that it really helped to brush up on my pharm, particularly pain meds. Understanding which meds are narcotics, which are NSAIDs, which ones mom can't take while breastfeeding, normal dosing, etc. helped enormously, particularly because most postpartum moms have prescribed pain meds and many will ask you questions about them. Also, as others have mentioned, make sure you are well versed in breastfeeding and things like lochia, involution, potential complications and the basics like how to bathe an infant. Mom/Baby is awesome! You will love it.
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    I love postpartum nursing!! Brush up on hemorrhaging and those emergency drugs, mag sulfate and it's dosing, Breastfeeding, general infant care and everything else the others have said.

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