Free Listings for Midwives

  1. Greetings All Nurses,

    I am a advocate for types of Midwifery levels. As such I have recieved a newsletter from one of the web sites I list my Doula business on. Here is the forwarded message:


    We are adding a Find A Midwife page to our site. We are wanting midwives to
    contact us with their information so we can add them. If you are a midwife
    could you please type a listing the way you want it to appear on our site and
    send it to me to add you to our site.
    If you know of a midwife please forward this email as to give them the
    opportunity to list with us.

    I usually use:

    Name of business, website or Midwife
    Phone number
    and one paragraph on your site or business

    Kerry Melton
    Doula in
    Welcome to The Doula Network page!

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