Experienced RN in med surg/step down and ER trying to transtion to L&D

  1. Hi all, I love, love, love maternal and infant health. I knew before nursing school that I wanted to work in Labor and Delivery. I excelled the most with near perfect scores on everything during my rotation in this area in nursing school. I recently moved to Northern VA so DC and MD are job options as well. I have 8 months of med-surg/step down and moved to Northern VA and have been in the ER in N.E DC for three months and I am not liking the ER.

    I feel that it is me because I know where I want to be and I am frustrated because I cannot get there. I am trying to make the best of my current job but we recently got a new manager who is making a not so good impression.

    I thought about talking to our L&D mgr and asking for a transfer but I don't wanna shoot myself in the foot. I feel that I have got to get out of this ER but I don't wanna bounce around because it makes me look sketchy and I don't wanna waste my time learning a new area that I have no intention on staying in.

    I am applying like crazy to L&D units only but not getting any calls. I feel stuck and I really want to work in L&D. Any suggestions on landing an interview, or making myself more marketable? I call the recruiters to inquire about my applications and all I get is if they are interested they will call you or you have to have experience.

    Does anyone know of any hospitals in the D.M.V area that will be willing to train a nurse with no L&D experience? All feedback is welcomed.
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    Its a tough time for new grads/new nurses. Specialty areas, like L&D, look more for experienced nurses because it takes a long time to get someone trained. Orientation is one thing, but to be comfortable in OB, it really takes a year or so BEYOND orientation to really feel like you have a handle on what you are doing. It is very expensive to train someone new, let alone someone completely new to the specialty. While you do have some experience in Med/Surg and the ED, I personally, as a manager, would still consider you a newer nurse and not having any OB experience would put you more as training a new grad.

    May I suggest getting to know some of the staff in L&D, talking to them about what they do and expressing interest. Always make a good impression, those go very far. When I started out, I got very lucky and fell into a postion with only ICU experience and the manager took a chance on me because of the impression that I made on her. Keep looking for open postions and apply. You may get lucky. Depending on the nature of the facility (big or small place) you may be able to talk to the OB manager. I work in small community hospital that is very family oriented, so I often have students pop in to chat me up about working for me. Sometimes it isnt' a good time, other times it is. Just depends on the day and my schedule. I often give advice but I am very upfront....I tell them that I rarely hire new grads unless they have been a tech or extern on my unit before.

    Some facilities have OB internships for new grads, but I have no idea if there are any in the areas you mentioned. May I also suggest a shadow day. Even though you say OB is your passion, doing well in it in school and liking it real world are very different. I have had a handful of the "OMG OB IS MY PASSION" grads come to me begging for positions only to say (during orientation) that OB maybe isn't for them. It happens and there is no shame in that. Its just frustrating for everyone involved when it does happen.

    Good luck to you...
  4. by   denise9882
    thanks for your response. I am continuing to apply but it can be frustrating when you know others around you who are getting hired in the same area that you were denied. It makes you start to second guess yourself ot may you think maybe I don't fit what they are looking for. I am just gonna continue to apply and remain where I am until something is offered to me. I wanna make sure its a good for me too so I'm gonna ask about shadowing for a shift or a few hours of possible because I want to be work somewhere I love and be there for a while to really learn my job and grow as a nurse. My last two jobs taught me a lot and gave me lots of invaluable experience but I don't wanna be somewhere that is a great learning enviornment but everything else around me is a mess. I know every unit has there issues but I like working with people who are close and a maner who I dont feel I have to walk on egg shells around or have as little contact as possible because all they do is complain, belittle or seek to intimidate there staff. I see a manager as an authority figure yes but also as a point of reference, leader and someone who I feel comfortable talking with if I have a concern or question. I love OB and cannot wait until Im afforded the opportunity to pursue my dream. I saw some others adive about becoming NRP certified or joining AWHONN. I am going to check into that also. I think it shows an extra effort. What do you think?