Essure procedure

  1. I am a new nurse. Well I am new to OBGYN. I graduated a little over a year ago and went straight to GI triage. Now im here at a clinic adn i'm the only RN on board here. We will be doing essure procedures soon. We are going to use Toradol IM. I reseached it and it looks like normally 60mg is the dose given when given IM. I believe we are also going to use some Versed. I am wondering what all I should be looking for when monitorign the patient during these cases with those two medications on board?

    Also on a side note. I am looking for a book or website to help with allergies vs medicaions. Meaning when a pt wants a medication and they have certain allergies to medications, what is a good resource to ensure that that medication is safe for that patient. I've looked at drugs.come, epocrates and in my 2012 drug book and it doesn't address that too much.

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