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  1. First of all, I'm thankful to even have this as a dilemma since it's so hard for new grads to even find a job, let alone a specialty. I recently interviewed for two awesome specialties. One was for an OR fellowship for new grads (totally awesome opportunity!) and the other was for LD (my dream job, they rarely take new grads here!). Since the fellowship starts May 6 (it's a 5-week Periop 101 class) they were moving quickly to choose candidates and get them registered.

    The Unit Director for LD, however, is taking her time. This facility does a whopping 10,000 births per year, specializing in high risk births and many of these patients have comorbidities. There's also an OB ICU on the unit. Because it's such a fast-paced, stressful environment they have all candidates shadow on the unit for 4 hours to make sure it's really something they want to get into. I recently heard that burnout is common on this unit but I know that can happen anywhere. I've already received an offer for the fellowship and was given a deadline in which to accept/decline. The UD for L&D went on vacation (figures!) so isn't making a decision until after she gets back (she's out til May 3).

    I didn't wanna risk being totally out of a job if I declined the fellowship only to discover that I didn't get the LD position, so of course I accepted it within the deadline. I'm still really excited about it, but if I get a call for LD I'm wondering if it would look bad if I were to back out of the OR? I plan to become a CNM one day so LD fits with my long-term goals. By the way, the fellowship doesn't guarantee employment at the end. But halfway through the course we will be given a list of OR openings that we apply for internally (so not considered a new hire) and we interview for them. They've placed every fellow that have gone through the program though. A part of me also worries about the potential for burnout if I were to receive an offer for LD and accept. Ahhh what to do!

    Both positions are at hospitals within the same health system.

    Sorry that was so long!
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  3. by   hardworkinmama
    That's really tough! I'm of the opinion that if you get an L&D position you should take it because it's a job. If the other isn't a guaranteed position, then I don't think it should trump a permanent position. It would be tricky to do this tactfully, but it can be done. Also is there no one in L&D you can explain your situation to? Even a recruiter who could help?
  4. by   BuckRN
    I think the OR program could be a good segway into L&D in the future. Not many L&D nurses have operating room experience, but if you did, they would barely have to train you as a circulator or even as a scrub. That would cut out some training costs in the future. Good luck on whatever you decide and congrats for getting offered a position as a New Grad! That is really an accomplishment these days!
  5. by   Stacey30
    You both made some good points. I had orientation today and I explained my situation to the HR lady. She said it wouldn't be an issue if I get offered L&D and accept it since obviously it's a permanent position whereas the fellowship is considered temporary. I'd just have to give the usual 2 week notice. They're supposed to be sending out offers next week so we'll see what happens.