Best place to get NRP & C-EFM certification?

  1. Hi all-

    I am a newly graduated RN seeking employment in OB, but almost all job descriptions require NRP and C-EFM certification. Despite various internet efforts to seek out the best possible certification classes (online and/or in-person) I have come to the conclusion that I have no idea what is legit or not. Could someone be so kind as to direct me to accredited sites/places where I can get NRP and C-EFM certification that will be legitimate enough to suffice for a new job? Thanks!
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  3. by   babyktchr
    Hi there,

    Sounds to me like the jobs you are seeing are looking for experienced OB nurses. NRP is usually handled thru hospitals and the American Academy of Pediatrics. You can go online there and see if they can direct you to how you can take it or contact the facility you want to work for and see if they will let you take it. The C-EFM certification is thru NCC, and requires you to have experience before you take it. It is an extremely comprehensive certification exam in electronic fetal monitoring. I suggest the AWHONN basic fetal monitoring course for you. Its online and a very basic course to get you started. The other courses that AWHONN offer are for those who have at least 6 months of experience (recommended).

    Its hard when you don't have experience to stand out to OB managers looking for experienced help. Fret not though. Eventually managers must look at growing their own because the pool of experienced nurses looking for positions is getting smaller. My suggestion to anyone looking to really get into OB after school is to find an OB externship while in school or get a job as a tech/CNA on an OB floor. Seeing what you can do goes a long way.

    Good luck to you
  4. by   RNewbie22
    Thanks for the info! I guess I will start with AWHONN then

    Let's just say I was still interested in getting Neonatal Resuscitation certification though. Would I be allowed to do so without experience prior?
  5. by   babyktchr
    That I don't know about. Contact some facilities and ask can't hurt. Try the education department. They will either have contact info or can advise you. It may be a challenge, but the course is pretty comprehensive. May be pricey as well. Maybe some NRP instructors out there can help??
  6. by   Snowbaby87
    The only way to become NRP certified is to go through the American Academy of Pediatrics. Neonatal Resuscitation Program (NRP)

    This is what their website says "Recently we have become aware of several online companies that have been promoting "online NRP courses" complete with testing and cards. Please note that none of these companies are approved NRP course providers of the American Academy of Pediatrics. The only way to obtain an official AAP/AHA NRP course completion card is from an approved NRP instructor after completion of the official NRP online examination (offered only through HealthStream) and then completion of skills testing, simulation, and debriefing under the guidance of an approved AAP/AHA NRP Instructor."

    You have to buy a book and find an instructor to see when their class is. Within 30 days of the class you have to take the tests online. The class is skills only now. To find an instructor use this link
  7. by   RNewbie22
    Thanks so much everyone! I'll need to do a little more research. At least I have a place to look now!
  8. by   geekynurseRN
    For NRP look at your local pediatric hospitals and get in contact with a person that runs the classes. I was going to take a NRP class before I moved at a Children's hospital.