AWHONN as a student nurse?

  1. 0 Hi all!
    I am a student nurse in an accelerated BSN program, graduating in 6 weeks' time. My passion in nursing is Women's Health, namely L&D. I'm wondering if the OB nurses out there recommend joining AWHONN. Have you found it to be a helpful resource for information, evidence-based practice, and networking? And would you recommend joining as a student nurse?
    Thanks in advance!
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    I joined as a student and it helped when I interviewed for my job in post-partum. It definitely looks good on a resume if that is the area you want to work. Good luck!!
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    Yes! I joined as a student and stayed involved after graduation while I was looking for a job. I actually got a couple job leads by attending events and talking with nurses who were already working. When I finally had an interview for an OB position it was great to be able to say that I had been going to AWHONN events and reading their journals/magazines, etc. I ended up getting the position and I think my preparedness helped a lot. It shows that you have a genuine interest and dedication to the specialty. In this economy, Nurse Managers are looking for candidates who will stick around long-term, so it's important to show that you have taken the time to learn about OB nursing beyond what you learn in nursing school.
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    Yes it's worth it! And you can still get the student rate. The journals and my local chapter events make it totally worthwhile.
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    Thanks all! I joined and the icing is that I paid at the student rate for the year membership. Now the biggest challenge is finding an L&D job as a new graduate, LOL.
    Thanks again

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