Advice in entering a Specialty

  1. Here's my dilemma. I have been training as an RN on the med/surg floor at my hospital for the past 3 weeks, and so I have approximately 3 weeks more of orienting to go. I started off as a PCA a few months earlier, so I had originally intended to train as a nurse there. However, I am very much interested in L & D, which my hospital does not have. Because of the drastic nursing shortage, many hospitals in my area are willing to train new grads into specialty units. I have applied at some hospitals which usually take approximately 2-3 weeks to respond to an applicant. In the meantime, after my training is over at my current position, I am obligated to either stay with the hospital for the next 6 months, or be forced to pay for the training should I decide to leave, which I completely understand. I'd hate to leave my current job without a definite position to fall back on, but I'd also hate to have to pay back my employer for my training when I would much rather take hold of other opportunities out there. What would any of you nurses out there recommend? It's great to hear your valued opinions. Thanks for the ear!