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Hi guys! I am planning to work in UK maybe next year, but before I finalized this I want to know the current situation there. :nurse: Maybe you can share your experiences on how did you start a new path. I wanna know some details... Read More

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    Jhan have you completed your ONP? Some girls I did this with didn't get jobs until they had finished this. I don't know why. I let them believe I had other options and would take them if I wasn't given definant job. I didn't have contacts, but I didn't care where I was sent. My advice would be take where ever they offer and move after your first contract when they know your a go work.

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    Those of you who mentioned you are working with Continental Nursing, I spoke with them on the phone today & received their application packet. I found it overwhelming to see all of the documentation that they require, proof of immunizations, home background check etc. I'm currently in the UK on a settlement visa (from the US) and I am nervous that I wont be able to access all of the required documents they are requesting while I'm in the UK. Did you hook up with them prior to your arrival in the UK? I just dont know how to even go about getting a criminal background check done on me in the US from the UK, and I couldnt tell you the last time I received my immunizations and boosters. Also, do you get any sort of hospital orientation through the agency? I completed the ONP, but found it utterly useless in regard to learning about actual hospital practice and what to expect in the hospital setting. Any guidance would be appreciated. Thank you.
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    Hi C.Rene

    I did all the paperwork before I arrived in the UK. It is a long time consuming process and just when you think you have everything you need there will be something else pop up. It will test your patience to the limit.

    They sent me all the paperwork required for the criminal check.

    The immunizations if you can't provide dates they will probably want serology to check your immunity.

    I didn't get any orientation before I started work. The orientation was brief and done by the ward.

    The ONP is a huge waste of money and time but it is the dance you have to do to work in the UK.
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    Thanks MuppetAus!I was afraid of that! They don't make any of this easy, that's for sure. Thanks for your feedback, I appreciate it. Hope you're enjoying working in the UK!

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