Children's Nursing Vs. Adult's for Registration

  1. Hi Everyone,

    I am an Australian nurse looking at coming to work in the UK. I have a 3 year Bachelor's Degree in Nursing (we are not offered specific children's nursing degrees). I undertook Paediatric Sub Major subjects during my degree which meant I completed more theoretical and clinical hours than normal in paediatrics. I have 2 years (3 years by the time I hope to move) of post graduate paediatric experience. I have only ever nursed children. I have completed IELTS with 9's across the board. I am now looking at requesting an information pack from the NMC but I am unsure as to whether I should apply for general adult registration or children's nursing registration. Information I have received indicates that to apply for children's nursing registration I must have completed a 3 year children's nursing degree (which I did not) or have a general degree and a 12 month children's nursing degree (which I do not). I did however undertake a 12 month new graduate program in children's nursing which involved a number of assignments etc and a 6 month program in specialised children's nursing (cardiac) recognised by my university as prior learning towards post graduate degrees. Is this likely to be enough for the NMC to register me as a children's nurse? Can nurses with adult registration work as paediatric nurses in the UK? I have never worked with adults and don't have a desire to start now!

    Thanks for any help you guys can offer, I'm looking forward to moving along in the registration process and get over there and start working!

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  3. by   babyNP.

    My guess is that it would be sticky, as you had said. I would call up the NMC and skip the first person you talk to because they do not have specialized information and are lay people, from what I've been told. You should ask to speak to a decision officer or their "manager," --> really the second-tier type of person who actually makes these kinds of decisions. I would particularly describe how your university recognizes your work in pediatrics as a post-graduate thing...

    Experience alone does not qualify one...

    I know that NICU does accept adult-degree nurses and you can ask if they will take you on for PICU--is that your background or general peds? If it's just general peds, I think you will have a harder time. I'm curious if it does come down to the employer if they're desperate enough for a nurse, which doesn't sound like it so much right now with the seemingly overabundance of nurses.

    Best of luck--please let us know how things turn out because your experience may help others...FWIW I'm an American-trained BSN, getting an adult registration (passed NMC decision letter, taking the ONP, and then will get a PIN) but I only have NICU experience and I've been told I would be fine to work in the NICU.
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    I work in a Cardiac HDU so no PICU experience.
  5. by   Mopples
    I am in Australia also and finish my degree in 12 months. I am hoping to do my grad program in paeds then going to the UK after. I had the same concerns and emailed the NMC. This was their response:

    "In regards to working in the paediatric field in the UK, with your adult nursing registration, The NMC accepts that registered nurses, through the course of their career, may have gained knowledge and competence in an area not related to their original registration entry code and field of practice. Many nursing skills are transferable: and the scope of professional practice allows you to undertake nursing care where you and your employer are satisfied that you have the appropriate knowledge, skills and competencies.
    The care provided by registered nurses working in areas not related to their original registration entry code and field of practice should always be conducted in support of and supervised by a registrant with the appropriate knowledge and qualifications for that area of care. Such supervision may be direct or indirect. The supervising registered nurse would be accountable for their decision to delegate care."

    My take from that is yes, it is okay to work in childrens with the general registered nurse licence we will get over there.