Band 5 job interview with powerpoint presentation.

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    I need some help I have been accepted for interview for a band 5 nurse's post in ITU. I have to give a 5 minute presentation on "How I would prove care given is of the highest quality". I really want this job, I am a RSCN, but this is for a mainly adult environment and the trust/hospital this is with is really clicky and more who you know than what you know! I am currently employed in an old people's home as a senior carer, but desperately want to get back into NHS nursing.
    I tend to go for a clinical governance/NMC/trust clinical guidelines, policies and RCN principles of nursing. 5 minutes is not a long time and I tend to get quite nervous in interviews, particularly for this trust. Any help particularly about the presentation, would be most appreciated.
    Many Thanks
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