surviving nursing school

  1. How did you survive nursing school? did anybody have a study schedule or a plan that was helpful to them?
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  3. by   pharmgirl
    Well I haven't finished yet but in my last year. I can say that I am a bit OCD when it comes to scheduling and planning and have found that that is actually a benefit in nursing school. I make specific appts with myself to study. Just like a dr. appt or anything else. I also have to leave the house to study, if I don't I spend more time finding "other" things to do like laundry or vacuuming. I have a plan for the day of what reading I want to complete and then do it. If I don't complete it in the time frame allowed I have to find somewhere else in my schedule to readjust things to allow me more time.

    Secondly, I dont know if you have family and children but homemade frozen TV dinners are a lifesaver. I did this for a few semesters until my mother moved closer (now she feeds the family lol). Spend one saturday a month cooking and plating meals. Freeze them and label them and voila!! when you aren't home or are too tired to cook hubby can nuke up a healthy, homemade meal for the kids.

    Third, this is the hardest, the house is gonna be dirty, the kids will miss you. Try not to feel guilty that you have to do everything. You are in nursing school for the benefit of yourself and family and that in itself is a lot. Try to let go of some of the stresses we put on ourselves and prioritize. Life and nursing is all about priorities. If you finished studying, spend time with the kids, the laundry will still be there tomorrow

    Hope this helps. There are several threads floating around here about how to plan/schedule/survive school....all are very helpful. Good Luck and remember you can do this!!
  4. by   ♪♫ in my ♥
    I'm big on using prioritized lists.

    Also, try to study each and every day - even if it's just a short amount of time.

    Make audio recordings to listen to in the car or when working out.

    Oh yeah... work out. The stress can be overwhelming and the release of physical exercise is well worth the time. It can also help you avoid gaining poundage while you're spending so much of your life camped out with text books or on the computer.