Student Nurse Internships

  1. I did a search but found nothing, so here goes.

    Having been mis-advised, I am finishing up an extremely heavy load this semester with Med-Surg I, M-S clinicals, chemistry for healthcare, and chem lab. Now I want to sit one out!

    At a job fair, folks from the county hospital where I hope to work someday offered information about doing an internship with them. I applied and because I have one year of volunteer work with them under belt, hope my chances are good.

    The position is "competitively paid" and lasts "at least six weeks, 24-40 hours/week." The title is Patient Care Intern and one may work in Trauma, ER, OR L & D, Peds, Md-Sug and Mental Health. I want Mental Health (see my handle) and ER.

    * Any opinions, comments, tips, advice about this from you experienced nurses?

    *Any idea as to the scope? It just says that interns will work directly with one seasoned RN.
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