still having trouble with goals for preceptorship, help please :(

  1. hi everyone,

    i've looked around at other threads discussing this topic and can't seem to be able to write specific and mesurable goals. i have 5 goals which i turned in and my instructor said "your goals need to be more specific and measurable. you cannot measure ability. how will you know you have met your goal? please make these changes and re-submit" this is all she said, i've emailed her and tried to get in touch with her to get some idea on how to go about this but she is not returning my emails/phone calls

    i feel like i'm wasting so much time on these, when i really should be spending my time studying for nclex

    these are the goals, i'd really appreciate any suggestions to make them more specific and measurable:

    1) be able to effectively present pt. information (1 pt.) during multidisciplinary rounds in the icu, by the 3rd clinical day.
    2) effectively provide pt. and family teaching (1 pt.) regarding diet, medications, and/or procedures, by the 4th clinical day.
    3) coordinate care of 1-2 pt., with minimal or no assistance from preceptor, by the 5th clinical day
    4) stay on schedule managing the care of 1-2 pts with minimal assistance form preceptor, by the 6th clinical day
    5) complete 1 or more pt. admission to icu floor, with minimal assistance from preceptor, by the 7th clinical day

    thanks a million!!!!
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