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    hi all. i have quick question. what are some different patient implications for stemi vs nstemi pts? i know what the difference is between the two but whats the difference in the care? the tx? the lifestyle mods? thanks to anyone that helps
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    STEMI goes directly to the cath lab for primary PCI (angio & balloon/stent) or if in a smaller hospital without a cath lab, may get TNK.

    Non-STEMI does not go to the cath lab. Non-STEMI gets lots of different anticoagulants, usually a heparin drip and gets admitted to the hospital to prevent the Non-STEMI from spreading through the full thickness of the myocardium. Pt will probably have an angio in the next day or so to assess vascular circulation
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    thanks so much for the help. that really cleared it up for me.