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  1. Hi, I was recently accepted into the nursing program at SFSU for Spring 2011. I searched this whole forum and was unable to find solid answers to the following questions about the nursing program at SFSU:

    1) How much should one expect to pay for tuition each year?

    2) Where are students typically sent for clinicals?

    3) What type of uniforms are students required to wear?

    4) What materials (e.g. equipment, books, computer programs) are required and/or will be beneficial for new students entering the program?

    5) What are some specific strategies for doing well in the program besides having or developing good study habits?

    6) What kind of workload and schedule are students expected to maintain on average throughout the program?

    I know this is a lot of information to expect any one person to answer, however rest assured that you will be doing me and others new to the program a great service. Also please feel free to chime in should you think of any other helpful advice that wasn’t asked. Thanks!
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  3. by   CharmantUn
    Congrats! I'm jealous!

    I'm assuming you're a California resident and that the nursing program is always more than 6 units per semester. In which case, the current fees per semester are $2370. That will likely continue to climb. It was Just over $900 per semester when I started in 2000, and around $1500/semester when I graduated in 2005. At any rate, it is still a bargain compared to Samuel Merritt.

    Go here for more details on tuition/fees: Fees + Tuition - Costs + Financial Aid - Future Students - San Francisco State University.

    For future responders to your post, you might want to indicate which SFSU program you got into. Main campus? Or the Canada/Sequoia partnership in Redwood City?
  4. by   MJ415
    Hi CharmantUn, you made a valid point. Thanks for bringing that to my attention.

    I was under the impression that tuition would be the same for the BSN program at Canada as it was at the main campus because they are both under the umbrella of SFSU. In the event that they are not, it would have made more sense for me to mention that I will be attending the program offered at the main campus.

    Also, I was assuming that tuition would be more costly for specialized majors such as nursing than, for example, a biology major, due to added expenses for clinical fees, uniforms, etc.
  5. by   MJ415
    I found out some info from a reliable source... please keep in mind that this information came from a graduate from the MSN program several years ago.

    1) Tuition is standard... nothing special there. Not including books and supplies of course, the current tuition per semester is $2370 (as CharmantUn previously stated). That standard tuition multiplied by 5 semesters comes out to $11,850. When I add a hypothetical $5,150 to that the tuition for added expenses I end up with a grand total of $17,000. This amount really doesn't sound so bad, especially after hearing stories of students left with hefty loans from schools such as Samuel Merritt and USF.

    2) Students were sent to UCSF, Kaiser SF, CPMC, Kaiser Oakland, and Packard for clinical rotations.

    3) Uniforms were white

    Can any graduates from the SFSU BSN program attest to the accuracy of this information?
  6. by   bayareastudent0711
    Congrats! A friend of mine just got accepted to SFSU BSN too =)
    I recommend a comprehensive nclex review book! totally helps with tests =)
  7. by   xsophiex
    Hi, I'm a freshmen prenursing student and I hope to apply this coming fall. mj415,I'm curious what were your stats so I can see an example of what sfsu nursing accepts. Did you have the supplemental criteria? For now I volunteer at a medical center and will volunteer at a hospital in the summer. I speak another language. But I don't have the multicultural experience criteria. It is absolutely neccesary to have all 3 supplemental criteria, good GPA, and good TEAS score to be accepted?
    Thank you!