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Reconstitution Help (Please, and thank you!)

  1. 0 Okay, so I had my first math competency exam (this is my first semester; just started clinicals this week), and I missed 3 of the reconstitution questions (yes, this means I have to retake the darn thing tomorrow! ).

    I am looking through my Med Math book from 3 semesters ago (lol), but I can't seem to find anything in it that deals w/the actual calculation of reconstitutions. There is a section that talks about how to prepare the solutions, etc., but no actual calculations. UGH!!!!!!!!!

    Below is one of the types of problems that I encountered:

    Dr orders (whatever drug) 700mg. Bottle says to add 9.5mL of sterile water to the vial to yield 0.5 g/ml. Calculate the dose in mL.

    I don't even remember how I set it up, but I obviously did it wrong.

    Do I not worry about the addition of the 9.5mL? Do I just focus on the converting the gram to 500mg, and then do the:

    ------ x 1mL = 1.4mL

    PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    In that case you would just disregard the "add 9.5mL" part.
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    it seems you did the question correctly. I just finished my dosage calculation class and your calculations look correct...don't know why you got it wrong.
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    Thanks! Originally I did add in the 9.5mL part, and that would be why I got it wrong.