Question about my scope.. Need help!

  1. Hi. So, my husband purchased me a scope a while back whenever I was going to start the nursing program at one of those "for profit" schools.. But thankfully, I wised up and moved on. Anyways, whenever he ordered it, he had it engraved since it was free and got it to say "my name, RN" for whenever I graduate. I was wondering what to do about this? I need to use it for school. I don't like it having that on there because I'm obviously not a nurse yet and I don't like people calling themselves a nurse when they aren't. During my last a&p class, I mentioned this to my instructor who is a nurse and was teaching me bps and I told her I felt bad about it. She said to just embrace it and use it as initiative to keep going. I mentioned
    Putting a sticker over it but she never said if that would probably be okay or not.

    So, after that long explanation.. Would a sticker be okay to cover up the RN part? I know my husband was only being nice and thinking about the future. Or would a sticker not be sanitary enough? Any suggestions? It's only on the bell.

    Thanks for any help or suggestions! I just thought about this!
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  3. by   Double-Helix
    First, it's really unlikely that anyone is going to be examining your stethoscope so closely that they will even notice what is engraved on your stethoscope.

    I really don't think it's a problem to just leave it the way it is. But if it makes you uncomfortable, cover it with some tape. I recommend black electrical tape, which will hold up better, since you'll be cleaning the stethoscope with alcohol. A sticker will peel and break down very quickly, but the water-resistant surface of electrical tape will last longer.
  4. by   classicdame
    agree with Ashely, PICU. Like a zit on your nose, you are probably the only one who notices it. BTW, hubby gets kudos for being supportive!
  5. by   CRNBSN18
    Thank you, both! I'll do that. I just don't want to be disrespectful to those who ARE RNs. That title has obviously been worked hard for and should only be used for those who are RNs.

    Just like my 4 year old. He's in the habit of saying to me, "hello beautiful nurse" or "I love you beautiful nurse mommy." he got this from my husband since he told him "mommy will be a nurse soon!" it's very sweet. But I tell him, "thank you, I love you, too, handsome boy. But mommy isn't a nurse yet!" gotta love it!