Prioritizing nursing diagnosis

  1. I am having a trouble to search informaton regarding "Prioritizing nursing diagnosis".

    Someone please help me to prioritize the most critical three interentions amongst six following with evidence.

    Increased nausea and vomiting; no appetite; sense of taste change, insufficient food intake; poor nutritional status, a possible gastric ulcer, 6 times of hospitalisation for hyper emesis during pregnancy, burning gaseous pressure, pain after meals: Imbalanced nutrition: less than body requirement

    Family history of breast cancer; two maternal aunts, absence of regular breast examinations, limited usual exercise due to weakness, weakened body; ataxia; altered balance on standing: Ineffective health maintenance

    Psychological and emotional status: sense of guilty and fear; premature delivery, inability of taking care of her child, physical weakness; independent activity level, altered cognitive level: difficulty in finding words: Risk of impaired parenting

    Social status: medically retired, personality: introverted and quiet, Limited mobility; physical weakness; low independent activity level, altered cognitive level: Social isolation

    Weakened right side of her body; feeling clumsy and body always weak; ataxia; altered balance on standing, Right sided hyperreflexia, walking aids usage, decreased muscle strength; decreased coordination, Laboratory results: Heamoglobin, 11g/dL; Heamatocrit, 0.35: Risk for falls

    Decreased urine output, dark yellow, strong odour, dry skin, dry tongue, Laboratory results: Protein, 88g/L; Albumin, 53g/L; Sodium, 150mmol/L, vomiting; hyper emesis: Deficient fluid volume

    I am looking forward to seeing a reply soon.
    thank you.
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  3. by   xtxrn
    What are the most important with regards to the following:

    Circulation (including fluid volume)

    Then look at the hierarchy of needs, and see how they fit into those

    See what you come up with