nursing diagnoses and care plan for postpartum depression

  1. hi, I am working on my care plan for a patient who suffers from postpartum depression. She has experienced the illness for several years following giving birth of her baby .She had antidepressants before. But she just took the medication for several days and stopped the medication herself once she found it ineffective. This time she attempts to suicide by taking the SSRIs.She was found unconcious and sent to the hospital by her husband. Her physical condition is normal. She stays alone on the ward and losses interest in home setting, and other things. She does not look after her child and feels worried about her work. My diagnosis for her is 1. postpartum depression 2.Deficient knowledge(antidepressants)related to emotional state affect learning 3. risk for suicide
    Is it OK? or do I need to put postpartum depression first in my nursing diagnosis? or is it a doctor diagnosis? and my second diagnosis , is the related factors" related to emotional state affect learning"correct ? I am not so sure what influences her knowledge. Thx
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  3. by   MattiesMama
    PPD is a medical diagnosis, not a NANDA. You need to find a NURSING diagnosis that fits her from the approved NANDA list. A couple that might fit-risk for self-directed violence, ineffective coping...there are many more that would apply to her.

    Given that she is suicidally depressed, deficiant knowledge would be low on my priority list. The priority is to medically stabilize her, ensure her safety, and then work on treating the depression.
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    Thx, I will work on my nursing diagnosis to improve it.