Need short and long term goals for ineffective communication for pt. with schizophren

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    Hi, I have my nursing diagnosis and all interventions. (Ineffective communication r/t schizophrenia AEB loose, disorganized and tangential speech)... but all of the LTG and STG focus on PHYSICALLY having ineffective communication. I just need some idea goals.
    My interventions are:

    use short and concise statements
    allow ample time for pt. to respond
    when pt. is mute use the technique of making observations

    Any help is needed! I miss sleeping badly. lol

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    Forgive me but I think you may need to re-evaluate your diagnosis first. I believe it should be "Impaired Verbal Communication." Also, from what I have learned, your RT can not be a medical diagnosis by itself. It can be something like "altered perceptions secondary to schizophrenia" but it can't just be RT schizophrenia. As far as goals are concerned, something simple like "Patient will use effective communication techniques..." but obviously specify which one(s) and give a time frame.

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