Need help from Nurse Researchers or EBP Participants!!

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    Hello guys!
    I was wondering if anyone could do me a huge favor, I'm in an accelerated program and I've got an EBP class where I need to ask a "mentor" a couple questions about an EBP project they were a part of, lead, or wrote. If anyone would have the time to help, it would be greatly appreciated. The more responses the merrier, I know other students have had issues finding people involved with research in our area.

    The assignment reads:
    Call or email a nurse researcher currently or very recently involved in a nursing based research project to begin this mentoring aspect of this course. Explain the purpose of this interview in relationship to your enrollment in this course (honestly we haven't had a face-to-face class yet, so i'm not sure what this entails, though I am very sure it is NOT a huge commitment, most likely asking some more in-depth questions at a later date)

    1. How did you become interested in the topic or subject matter (what was your inspiration)?
    2. How do you view or project application of this study to evidence based nursing practice?
    3. What are your goals and hopes in terms of the outcomes of this study?
    4. What is or has been the greatest challenge in conducting this study?

    (if you could please include: the title/name of your "project" and your nursing titles/credentials)

    Thank you so much guys!!!

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    bump for some help!
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    Moved to Nursing Student Assistance forum. Hopefully you get some response here.
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    bump for some help if anyone can...

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