Help nursing care plan for risk of bleeding

  1. Hey guys so im new here and Im having trouble with my careplan. My diagnosis is Risk for bleeding R/T hemorrhoidectomy surgery. My goal is for my client to remain free of bleeding upon discharge. Now im stuck with coming up with some nursing and client interventions.

    nursing interventions:

    I have nurse will monitor vital signs q 4 h
    nurse will check dressing regular and report excessive bleeding or drainage

    Client interventions:

    Client will perform sitzs baths to promote healing and ease pain
    client will report if experiencing increase rectal bleeding, constipation and rectal spasm.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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  3. by   spn.charlotte
    assess for infection
    assess drainage for colour, odour, consistency and amount
    vitals BP and P especially if a pt is having an excessive amount of bleeding remember hypotesion and tachycardia = hypovolemic shock